FREE ICD 10 Search Tool for Windows 8 & 10!

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Who said that there was no benefit to using Windows 8 or 10?  Still struggling with the transition to ICD-10?  Look no further than ICD-10-CM.

If you are a medical professional, student, or intern, this helpful tool from publisher Dr. Kompotnik allows you to search a diagnosis and painlessly get to the corresponding ICD-10 code.  Now is the time to practice, as the deadline for mandatory adoption is October 1, 2015!


Here’s what you will need:

1)  A legal, activated copy of Windows 8 or 10

2)  A Microsoft account

3)  Download and Install privileges on the computer you are using

Don’t have Windows 8 or 10 yet?  Don’t have a Microsoft Account?  Unresponsive IT guys?  We can help get you going on the road to ICD-10 adoption today!

Let us know how we can help!


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